JOTA and JOTI seemed to be a big success.  We had 12 Scouts (14 if you include family members that were using the pack's JID) from our pack that participated in one or both events. 

We contacted Scouts from over 20 different countries.  To further our understanding of the worldwide Scouting movement, I would like each den to choose one those countries (US can't be chosen)  to highlight for January's around the world pack meeting.  The list of countries contacted can be found here.  

I hope everybody that participated in the event had a great time and learned something new.  


Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) and Internet (JOTI)

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) and Internet (JOTI)

A free event that is open to all Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, Girl Scouts, and the general public.  Come learn and have fun at JOTA 2017.  JOTA is an annual Scouting event that uses amateur radio to link Scouts around the world, around the nation, and in our own community.  This is the official JOTA site of the Northeast Georgia Council Amateur Radio Club KK4BSA.

Spooky-ree 2017

Pack 608 just finished another great Spooky-ree event at Bert Adams Scout Camp.  The Scouts that attended participated in fun events such as, BB guns, archery, slingshots, rock wall climbing, and a costume contest. 

Next time you see them, please make sure to thank our camping committee (Brett, Oliver, Christi, and Jenn) for a great camping experience.  

If you have any feedback on things you really liked or things we can improve please let your Den Leader know so they can add it to our list of improvements. 

You can see pictures from the campout here.  


Boy Scouts of America to Admit Girls

The news broke today that the Boy Scouts of America will begin allowing girls to join Cub Scouts next year, and Boy Scouts in 2019.  We do not know many of the details about how this will be implemented.  

You can read the official press release here.

There is also an article on the official BSA blog here.

As we learn more, we will keep you informed.  



Spookyree Update

Parking Pass - Green Lot

Campsite Location

Health Forms

Sign Up to Help

Hello Pack 608,

We are less than a week out from Spooky-Ree!!!!  Please see the attachments for our Pack campsite and parking lot assignment.  You must print out the parking pass and bring it with you to Bert Adams.  You will show this at the checkpoint driving into Bert Adams and then once you park you should leave it on your dash board. 

If you are arriving on Saturday you will park in the Red Parking lot, but you should still print and bring the Green Parking Lot Pass.

We are still missing updated Health forms from many campers.  We must have a health form on file for every member of your family that is camping with us and they must be updated every year.  If you haven't already, please print and fill out a new health form. I have attached a copy for your convenience.  We will be collecting these at sign in. Health Form Part A & B  

There are still lots of of volunteer opportunities for this weekend.  Please sign up to help if you haven't already.  Spooky-Ree Sign Up

Every scout and parent is expected to help cook and clean up. Please see the specific assignments below.    

Meal and Clean Up Assignments (cooks should report 60-90 mins before meal time) 

7:00 AM Saturday Breakfast:      Cooks/Servers: Bears 1*/AOL (5:30AM)        Clean up: Bears 2*/Webelo  

12:30 PM Saturday Lunch:         Cooks/Servers: Tigers (11:00AM)                   Clean up: Wolves 

5:30 PM Saturday Dinner:          Cooks/Servers: Bears 2/Webelo  (4:00 PM)   Clean up: Bears 1/AOL

7:00 AM Sunday Breakfast:        Cooks/Servers: Wolves (6:00 AM)                   Clean up :Tigers 

Dens assigned to clean up duty will be allowed to line up first for that meal.

P.S.  Don't forget Candy (no peanuts/treenuts) for the Trick or Treat trail. 

The following is update information from Bert Adams

Subject: Spooky-Ree Weekend #1 Update

We are just under a week away from your Spooky-Ree Weekend and we wanted to send you an event update. A map of the camp and an activity schedule are attached for your convenience. Please send this along to all adults attending camp with you.

Arrival & Check-In:

Families may begin arriving at 5:00pm on Friday.  Campsites assignments will be emailed out soon and all families may proceed directly to the campsite when they arrive.

Please choose 1 person from your Pack to check-in for all families that are attending.  This person will confirm number of participants, turn in a roster (REQUIRED), and collect all meal tickets, t-shirts, and patches.  This Check-In will be done in the Camp Staff HQ next to the Red Lot for those that are arriving on Friday, and in the Camp Office for those arriving on Saturday.

Medical forms need to be brought to camp and held by your Pack for each person at camp with you, this includes all adults and siblings. They will be brought to the Health Lodge should someone need attention. A copy of the health form is available at


If you or anyone in your unit is a trained Rangemaster and is willing to volunteer for a half day (8AM-12PM or 2PM-5PM) they will receive a complimentary staff hat and a special ghosted Spooky-Ree patch! They will need to provide proof of their training at check-in. The more Rangemasters we have, the more people we can allow to shoot at a time, and thus the quicker the line will move! Please email if you or anyone in your unit is interested so we can set a hat and patch aside for them.

Youth Protection Standards:

Some parents and leaders may not be aware of the Youth Protections Standards in regards to sleeping arrangements. It is very important that we follow these policies at all times. They are there for the safety of your youth.

When making sleeping arrangements, families may share a tent. No youth may be in the tent of a youth of the opposite gender or any adult they are not related to. The other option is all adult males together (18+), all adult females together (18+), all youth males together, all youth female together. This is a National Policy and must be in place in all Scouting activities.

Restroom Facilities:

Most of our restroom facilities are individual stalls though we do have two facilities on either side of the Gorman Field that are not. Each restroom will have signage for who should be allowed those facilities. We need your help to make sure the separate accommodations are maintained and we will insure the proper signage is posted. Please make sure your youth and families are using the correct facilities to adhere to Youth Protection standards.

Cool Weather Camping:

The temperatures during the day should be good in the mid 70s, but the nights could drop as low as the low 50s. Please come prepared with additional dry clothes and bedding in case the weather is cooler than you planned. Wearing closed-toed shoes will help not only with the cool weather, but keep your feet safe from the environment, too.


All parking is assigned.  Your final email update will contain campsite assignments and a parking pass, emailed out Wednesday afternoon.  When you receive it, please forward this parking pass to anyone that is coming from your pack and ask them to print it.  They should have it ready when they arrive at the vehicle check-in. Those attending only on Saturday will park in the RED Lot. Please do not leave vehicles parked at the campsite. All vehicles must be moved to a designated parking lot after you unload your supplies. Please try to not stay parked in the campsite over 15 minutes in order to allow others to unload their gear.

Saturday Arrivals:

All vehicle travel throughout camp will be strictly limited from 7am-5:30pm on Saturday.  Any families that arrive on Saturday must park in the RED lot.  They may either hike gear in to the camp, or drive in a vehicle after 5:30pm to their campsite to unload and then to their designated lot.

Schedules, Menus, & Updates:

As items relating to the event are finalized, they have been posted to Attached is the up-to-date schedule including a map of the camp with the location of the activities.


You will receive a pumpkin for every paid youth participant.  All children may decorate their pumpkins (carving only for 3rd grade or above children).  Please bring your own supplies for decoration and/or carving; carving supplies should be child-safe saws and tools only and you will carve in your campsite. We will provide markers for decorating. Limited carving supplies may be available in the Camp Trading Post, open on Saturday. 


As part of the Saturday night activities Trick-or-Treating party will be available for all youth and they are encouraged to bring a costume to wear.  Every Pack is asked to set-up a Trick-or-Treating station with the candy and decorations.  Please do not bring candy that contains peanuts. Please bring 10-15 pieces per youth your unit/family is bringing. This event is what you make it! Get in the spirit of the event by creating a spooky habitat. Please email if you will be setting up a table as we will be making table assignments to allow for easy traffic flow. Prizes are available for the best booth! If you would like to use lights at your station we will be able to provide access to electricity, but we need to know in advance. Station locations are first emailed first choice. Please plan on beginning set up after dinner so we are ready for the spooky event at 8PM!

Costume Contest:

There will be a costume contest during the Saturday evening activities. Anyone in costume is welcome to participate, and there will be a separate adult contest.


Please check our twitter account for updates on wait times and other opportunities. @bertadamssc



Map and Schedule

Spookyree What to Expect

Spookyree Checklist

Dear Pack 608 Families,

We are less than two weeks out from our first campout of the year, Spooky-Ree!!!!  For many of you this will be your first Cub Scout camping experience, and maybe even your first family camping experience ever!  We have attached a packing checklist, Spooky-ree map and schedule and a what to expect document.  Please review these and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

We have also sent out a Sign-Up Genuis requesting volunteers.  Thank you to everyone who has already signed up. If you haven’t signed up for anything yet, please do so ASAP so we know we have everything covered.

The menu and den assignments are included at the end of the what to expect document.  Please make sure your scout shows up at his assigned meals on time ready to help (parents are also needed to help with meal prep).  We have also assigned Dens to specific clean up times after meals.  Dens assigned to clean up will get to line up first for that meal. 

Bert Adams is a large camp and it could take 20 or more minutes to walk back to our Pack campsite from the various activity stations.  Please keep this in mind as you plan your day.  We suggest you carry a small daypack to hold items you would need throughout the day: water bottles, personal snack, hats, sun screen, bug spray, money for the trading post etc.  Also don’t forget, all kids can pick up a free pumpkin Saturday at Fort Brumley.

We won’t know what our assigned campsite or parking lot is until a few days before our trip. We will send this info out to everyone as soon as we receive it.  You will need to print out the parking lot pass and take it with you to Bert Adams.

All vehicle travel throughout camp will be strictly limited from 7 am-5:30 pm on Saturday. Any families that arrive on Saturday must park in the RED lot. They may either hike gear in to the camp, or drive in a vehicle after 5:30 pm to their campsite to unload and then to their designated lot.

Yours in Scouting,

The Camping Committee


Congrats to Casey

Congratulations to our Committee Chair, Casey Cobb,
on completing the Wood Badge Course. She will now be
“working her ticket”. More information about Wood Badge
can be found at:

If you are interested in attending a Wood Badge
Course, let us know. Pack 608 offers a partial reimbursement of
the course cost for those taking the Wood Badge course.