Pack 608 is accepting girls as registered Cub Scouts (ages 5 - 10 or grade K - 5) into our pack.  Girls have always been a big part of our pack and we have encouraged them to participate in our events as much as possible.  Now they will get the opportunity to get credit for all of the things they accomplish.  The Boy Scouts has some great information about the family scouting program on their website.

If you have a daughter that is too old to join Cub Scouts, but is interested in Scouting please contact us.  Our charter organization (Epiphany Lutheran) is planning to charter a girl troop in February 2019.  We have a group of girls that are excited about forming a troop.  They are starting to practice their scouting skills on their own, so they can BE PREPARED when the time comes for them to charter their own troop.