Map and Schedule

Spookyree What to Expect

Spookyree Checklist

Dear Pack 608 Families,

We are less than two weeks out from our first campout of the year, Spooky-Ree!!!!  For many of you this will be your first Cub Scout camping experience, and maybe even your first family camping experience ever!  We have attached a packing checklist, Spooky-ree map and schedule and a what to expect document.  Please review these and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

We have also sent out a Sign-Up Genuis requesting volunteers.  Thank you to everyone who has already signed up. If you haven’t signed up for anything yet, please do so ASAP so we know we have everything covered.

The menu and den assignments are included at the end of the what to expect document.  Please make sure your scout shows up at his assigned meals on time ready to help (parents are also needed to help with meal prep).  We have also assigned Dens to specific clean up times after meals.  Dens assigned to clean up will get to line up first for that meal. 

Bert Adams is a large camp and it could take 20 or more minutes to walk back to our Pack campsite from the various activity stations.  Please keep this in mind as you plan your day.  We suggest you carry a small daypack to hold items you would need throughout the day: water bottles, personal snack, hats, sun screen, bug spray, money for the trading post etc.  Also don’t forget, all kids can pick up a free pumpkin Saturday at Fort Brumley.

We won’t know what our assigned campsite or parking lot is until a few days before our trip. We will send this info out to everyone as soon as we receive it.  You will need to print out the parking lot pass and take it with you to Bert Adams.

All vehicle travel throughout camp will be strictly limited from 7 am-5:30 pm on Saturday. Any families that arrive on Saturday must park in the RED lot. They may either hike gear in to the camp, or drive in a vehicle after 5:30 pm to their campsite to unload and then to their designated lot.

Yours in Scouting,

The Camping Committee