Day Camp

2018 Summer Day Camp

(Edited 5/6/2018 to add FAQ link at bottom).  The theme for day camp this year is Passport to Adventure and registration has opened.  If you have volunteered or your Scout has attended day camp in the past there are a few important changes that you must know about.  Please read carefully.   

1) Day camp has been shortened to 4 days (Monday to Thursday). 

2) They will be strictly enforcing the policy of 1 FULL TIME volunteer per 3 Scouts from a unit .  Multiple part time volunteers WILL NOT equal a full time volunteer this year (see the FAQ for clarification about this requirement).  Registration will be at a Pack level, so it will only let us register the correct ratio of Scouts (i.e., if there is only 1 full time volunteer then we can will only be able to register 3 Scouts).  Priority will be given to Scouts will volunteers and then on a first come, first served basis.  

The Pack leadership will not be coordinating or recruiting volunteers.  Those that may want to attend day camp must either volunteer or recruit volunteers for themselves.    

The day camp flyer can be found here for those that may be interested.  

The FAQ about day camp can be found here.