Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) 2018

For the second year in a row, Pack 608 will participate in Jamboree on the Internet. We have been assigned our ID number for 2018 (see below)

Last year we made contact with Scouts from many different countries and then we learned more about some of those countries during our Around the World pack meeting.

More information about last year’s JOTI can be found at: JOTI 2017. Please consider participating and keeping track of the Scouts that you connect with.


The 2018 JID for Pack 608 is 6US97O

JamPuz is a key element of JOTA-JOTI.

If you have not taken part in JamPuz before, we encourage you to read the information at www.jotajoti.info/jampuz  JamPuz is a great addition to your JOTA-JOTI weekend, and it would be disappointing if Pack 608 were not able to take part.  From experience, your young people will be asked for their "JID code", and if they do not know about JamPuz they may feel that they are missing out on something.

The 2018 JamPuz documents can be downloaded fromwww.jotajoti.info/jampuz-documents  You are advised to print these documents before your JOTA-JOTI event.  Please make sure you have enough copies.

If you have any query about JamPuz then you can read the JamPuz FAQ atwww.jotajoti.info/jampuz-faq

We are keen to stress that JamPuz is about conversations, not just contacts.  We want to encourage people to talk to each other, not simply swap JIDs.  More information at www.jotajoti.info/conversations-not-just-contacts

Whether you are taking part in JOTA-JOTI over the airwaves, over the internet, or both we hope that you will take part in JamPuz as part of your JOTA-JOTI activities.

Philip Bird
World JOTA-JOTI Team
World Organization of the Scout Movement